Students Vandalize School Property for what reason?

Brendan Scott, Staff Writer

There is a problem with students vandalizing the school bathrooms during their school hours and we don’t really know why. They do it by destroying, writing, and throwing things around that can destroy these areas in the restroom.

Imagine you are a janitor going to the restroom to clean it. And when you walk in you see water all over the floor, wet paper towels on the walls, or the sinks running and clogged up.

When things like this happen janitors would have to clean more. They may even block off the restroom for a while. During that time period students will not be able to use the restroom.

If janitors spend time cleaning the bathrooms then other rooms (like the cafeteria) would stay all messy. No one would want to eat in a cafeteria that is a mess.

There are some reasons as to why they might vandalize the bathrooms. They might be mad about something that had happened to them earlier in the day. So they decide to take their anger out on the bathroom. They might regret it later after they destroy the bathroom.

They might even destroy the bathroom for fun or just because they feel like it or if it is just fun too. Sometimes people just like to destroy things to spread or release their anger. Some people may destroy it for those reasons.

There may be some solutions to the problem of vandalized bathrooms other than locking them during certain times of the day. You can monitor who ever goes to a certain bathroom. When you find who the person making a mess is, you will be able to put them in a detention room for a while and tell them the importance of vandalism.

When they finally understand or know that if they do it again they can get in big trouble and will eventually stop.