Global Warming is Real and Damaging

Global Warming is Real and Damaging

Aspen Anderson, Staff Writer

Today, our home on Earth has been greatly impacted by natural influences and by activities done by human beings. Humans engaging in harmful habits in our world affects not only humans, but also other living organisms. We are one of the reasons why climate change is so damaging and concerning.

Survival rates of many species have lowered due to food shortage, destruction of habitats, and less successful reproduction of offspring. Since the weather is changing so rapidly, it leads to floods in large bodies of water which then leads to ruined ecosystems and homes of aquatic animals. Giant panda bears have a diet consisting only of bamboo, and climate change is reducing the amount of the plant, meaning that giant pandas have less and less food available to them. Polar bears live on ice in colder climates, and since global warming is becoming more and more of an issue, the ice is lessening and so is the polar bear population, and they also have less access to food.

Transportation and use of vehicles contributes to worsening global warming, most vehicles run on fossil fuels, which when burned releases harmful chemicals and pollutants into the atmosphere. Power plants also run on fossil fuels, but their pollutants may end up in waterways. Pollution has a huge effect on the world getting warmer every year, when non recyclable items end up in the landfill, the garbage breaks down and it eventually releases chemicals into the atmosphere. Considering humans do things to make the dangerous chemicals stay throughout our Earth, means we have the full ability to slow the warmer temperatures from escalating.

Humans are not the only cause of the world’s increasing climate. Changes in Earth’s orbit have also made a change in the world, so did the change in the axis of rotation, which also made the ice age happen, so it does not only make the world warmer. The sun’s energy influences the Earth’s warmer and colder temperatures because of the changing intensity of the sunlight beating down on our planet. Since the year 1978 the global temperature has been increasing from the sun’s radiation and light. 

In conclusion, global warming is a growing issue for humans, animals, and the environment across the world. Humans are a big contributor to the problem, but so is nature. Animals are a victim of it, with loss of resources. Humans can slow climate change.