What do students think about core classes?


Grace Music, Staff Writer

This year the 8th grade students here at Centennial have expressed many opinions about the various core classes. The students prefer some classes to others based on the different teaching styles among the various teachers. 

I think most of the students here at Centennial would agree that they have a favorite core class. While opinions definitely vary, most students can generally agree that the chill nature of social studies is very appealing which makes it the favorite of most. What outsiders to the 8th grade population don’t realize is that most students don’t care all that much about whether or not a teacher gives students a lot of work. Students only care about if the work they are assigned is enjoyable. Most students in social studies don’t even realize they’re doing a lot of work, they are too focussed on making the work high quality because they have fun doing it. Almost all of the students entering history know that Mr. Hinton or Mr. Walker truly cares about them and what they do in class, instead of some other teachers who only care about getting a good grade from students.

All students here at Centennial definitely agree that some classes are much worse than others. Obviously everyone can have different opinions about the worst and best classes, most 8th grade students I’ve interacted with would agree that their least favorite core subject is science. Most students don’t have many complaints about the actual content of science, after all performing experiments is very fun. What most students dislike about science is the harsh and cold environment created by the teachers. This isn’t evident in 7th grade science classes, once a student enters 8th grade, science becomes less fun. Most work assigned is tedious and forgettable. While some assignments are very fun, the amount of IXL assigned leaves a sour taste in the mouths of 8th grade students. 

While history and science tend to be at the top and bottom of student’s lists, the remaining two core classes tend to be interchangeable. Math is one of these classes. Math may be a few student’s least or most favorite class, but for the most part it falls in the middle. It’s not much to write home about, but it’s pretty enjoyable. Having Mrs. Dillon gives math bonus points, because of her canine helper. Language Arts is another class that doesn’t fit in the best or worst spot. There is often a lot of work to be done, but it’s not so much that it ruins people’s days. It may not be the most fun class, but it isn’t bad. 

While some classes may be more liked than others, it is important to remember that core classes are very vital to your school career. While they aren’t always the most enjoyable classes, it’s important to make the most of them and do the best you can.