Should kids get lockers?

Kelsie Madetzke, Staff Writer

Do you think kids at school should be getting lockers? Kids at Centennial believe they should have lockers again. The reason we got lockers taken away in the first place is because of covid. When we got lockers taken was when we first got put in lock down when covid first happened. It happened because the school district in Wyoming thought it would minimize the transfer of covid. But when we got lockers taken in 2019-2020 they never gave them back. The school district believes that bringing lockers back would be an idea that they don’t want. But the kids in Wyoming believe that they should give them back because it was helpful. 

Some kids think they should get lockers. Kids at Centennial want the lockers back because their backpacks are too heavy. They also would like lockers again because it was convent for the kids. The kids miss lockers and some of the new kids last year and the 6th graders last year say it’s super disappointing that they don’t have lockers and get to experience the lockers. Some of the kids at Centennial say they miss lockers because they miss having the part of decorating them and going out and buying stuff for the lockers. Another reason why some kids at Centennial want the lockers again is because not everyone wants to carry a hoodie or coat around or have it on all day they think it would be more logical to have lockers they can put that stuff in like lunch boxes because they can also take up a lot of space in someone’s backpack. 

But some kids might disagree with having lockers again. They might disagree because they think having their backpacks on them is easier because you don’t have to waste extra time by going to a locker and risk getting your stuff jammed inside then having to be late to class. Some kids from Centennial also say they prefer the backpacks because it’s not as bad as going to your locker and the backpacks are more convenient for them. They also say if you need anything and it’s not very convenient if you’re not right next to your locker and having to go all the way across school for a pencil. But instead they have everything in their backpack and don’t have to worry about that. Also some kids like having a backpack to carry around and not have to get everything out of your locker then have to carry it to class and then your locker is across the school from the class you’re going to. 

In conclusion some kids think they should get lockers and some kids think they shouldn’t. What do you think about this?