Drivers at Centennial Junior High Need Additional Training


Douglas Chase, Staff Writer

The parents and drivers at centennial junior high need to learn how to drive. I have noticed that drivers will just sit and wait in the middle of traffic blocking other drivers who are ready and wanting to leave, including me and my parents on more than one occasion. I want to inform you and everyone else of this problem. We need to inform some of these drivers to get remedial drivers training, to “re-learn” how to drive. 

Another issue with the drivers here is that they don’t pull forward. Some of you might think that this is not a problem but it is. The drivers only pull forward enough for their kids to get out, letting only 3 cars through. The layout of this parking lot allows 7 or more cars to pull forward and let their kid out at one time. These drivers block the flow of traffic and cause traffic to clog up, slowing down the amount of traffic getting through.

Some of the drivers here are not polite. They don’t use their turn signals to notify other drivers if they are turning into traffic. Other drivers don’t even use turn lanes to turn, blocking traffic even more. Drivers here at Centennial need to be reinformed on how to drive. 

According to the United States Army remedial driver training program they state “The program provides driver improvement and remedial training for military or civilian personnel”. It has even “improved driving proficiencies and reduced losses in their formations”. The U.S. Army has built a program that helps drivers be less of an inconvenience and keep them and other drivers safe. The main purpose of this program was to keep the army from losing troops in car accidents, but it can also help other drivers keep themselves and others safe.

This is why drivers need to get remedial drivers training to keep them and other people safe in a chaotic environment.