Isabella Iverson, Staff Writer

Students from Casper Wyoming schools are unhappy about the amount of homework that they are being given and have spoken out against it. 

8th grader Marley Boudreaux states “Homework does nothing good for us, it only takes time away from important things like friends and family.”. 

Homework is not a good way to teach students. Many students have things to do outside of school, this gives them little amounts of time to do the homework that is given to them. Causing those students to have to work into the night to complete the assignment. This leads them to loose greatly needed sleep which leads to being tired the next day and having a hard time focusing in their classes. 

Humans need sleep, in fact other than newborns and toddlers, teenagers need the most sleep at their stage in life. Doctors recommend that teens should get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. When we are given large amounts of tedious homework it cuts that time by a lot. When asked if she had ever lost sleep due to homework 8th grader Shayde Punteney answered quickly with, “Because of my busy schedule I tend to do homework into the night” 

Homework also cuts our time for being around our friends and families. Spending time with the important people in our life can help build strong relationships that could last us the rest of our lives. Having fun with other people can also improve our overall happiness and well being.  Unfortunately, many times we are unable to spend time with people and have to complete homework instead. 

 “It takes up my family time” 7th grader Mariah Allsop states.

Homework only hurts our lives rather than helping. Most of the time homework just takes away time for other activities. We don’t need homework and schools should at least consider not giving homework anymore.