Social Media

Isabella Iverson, Staff Writer

Do you have social media? Teens everywhere are using social media, but should we be using it? Is social media good or bad for teens? 

The simple answer is that social media is neither bad nor good, it is simply not simple. There is so much that goes into social media and what determines if it is good or bad is how it is used. 

Social media can be bad for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons is mental health. Social media is the perfect place for bullying to take place because people don’t know who you actually are. It is so easy for people to say something mean and then just hide behind their screen.  This can lead to lots of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is very bad for mental health, and can even lead to depression and anxiety.

In addition to this, social media has become a place of jealousy and comparing yourself to others. People on social media only post when they are at their best, when they are their best selves. So we don’t know what their life is really like. This means that so many people feel bad that their life isn’t always seemingly perfect like those that they see on social media. 

There is a lot more to talk about on the subject of bad things on social media, however it is not all bad. Social media is so good because you can communicate with people that you would have otherwise not have been able to stay in contact with. Plus we can easily talk to relatives and friends.

In conclusion, social media is neither just good nor just bad. Social media is good or bad depending on how it is used. When used responsibly it can be so helpful and good. But used irresponsibly it can be very destructive. So, overall teens need to be very careful when using social media, they need to make sure that they are safe.