Girls in pads and helmets?

Girls in pads and helmets?

Taylor Salas, Staff Writer

Later in the future, girls who want to play football should be able to have their own football season in high school and maybe even in middle school because girls should be able to do the same things as boys can and this can happen by convincing someone that is in charge of sports to create a girls football league.

Some people wonder why there is no girls football in high school, partially because maybe there are not enough girls who want to play or there are other sports that girls like and unfortunately interfere with a potential football season. For me, it’s that volleyball interferes with football and I like volleyball more, this could be the case with other girls too. A study shows that most girls don’t opt for football because they do not have it in their area and it is not common for a girl to play on a boys team. Most people think that football is just a men’s game. I strongly disagree as I think that there are many girls that are way stronger than the average male. Girls can play on youth football teams but when they reach high school or college level, you start to see less because as I said before, it is not common in the area. Some girls’ dreams have been to play in the NFL but there was a rule made to not allow girls to play pro. This is why a girls league should be made to encourage girl athletes who have ever wanted to play football to play. This would be fair as it would be girls vs. girls so not many injuries would be sustained and it could be fun too. 

An article published on says there are places where changes are happening. In recent years, there have been some new organizations where there are women’s football associations, independent women’s football leagues, women’s spring football, etc. More and more leagues are being created to make sure that women are getting the same opportunities as men. Another study shows that as of 2018, statistics showed that only 10.9% of people who report playing tackle football are female. This is a good start to getting more women into playing and eventually creating women’s football leagues all around America.

Some of the thoughts of my classmates were all positive towards the fact that girls should have their own football league. An 8th grader named Kayenta Bennett specifically says “I think it would be super cool to see girls go head to head against each other in such a fun sport, I would not necessarily play it but I would totally watch it!” Personally, I would totally love to play football on a girls team as I think it would be so much fun and it would keep me busier than I already am! I asked some other girls and most of them said about the same thing along the lines of, “It would be so fun to play football against other girls as it would help me get conditioned for other sports and it would be fun to tackle play some different positions.” I agreed with all these girls as I could see all of us being on a team with one another. Not only would girls football be fun, but it would bring girls with a common interest together to make new friendships!