Turn It Off

Turn It Off

Sylvia Allsop, Staff Writer

Technology is advancing and becoming necessary daily. We as humans on this fast paced planet are on it for hours everyday. The virus, Covid-19, has caused and encouraged us to need to be on screens even more. Can this truly be good for our hearts and brains?  We need to get off of screens and be more healthy and more aware of our surroundings. 

Schools are now changing many things online so that there is less interaction with paper and there is less in-person interaction. This is good so we are not spreading germs, but we need to take a break off the screens. When most kids get home from school or if they are already home and doing virtual learning, what do they do when they are finished with school? They are most likely going to pop open their computers and phones. When we have been on a screen all day then we need to take a break. When we’re on a  screen that means we have more time alone. We could be FaceTiming people or texting, but a two dimensional relationship is not the same as a three dimensional relationship. 

Also, when you are on a screen time just flies quickly. When we are on a screen we tend to spend more time on the screen than we intend to.  We tell ourselves just one more minute or video, but then time passes. We need to spend more time off of screens because as the world is coming to a point where it is dominantly virtual we may lose touch with our health and our relationships. 

 What would we give to have more focus and sleep?  Spending time off of screens will improve our focus and sleep, which most people probably need. Spending time off of a screen has benefits. Staying off of a screen will help us to not get headaches and can reduce eye staining. When we take a break off of a screen we are taking a break from work. This will help us focus better because we are giving our eyes a break from the bright screen.  

Although teachers have made solutions to help prevent the spread of germs by having many assignments online, spending time outside or doing activities away from screens will also improve our health. Spending time outside is a great way to get sun and fresh air. Spending time outside will most likely make us more relaxed and active. If we have a ton of homework we could do it outside and enjoy the weather while it is good. When we are off our screens we are most likely to do something more active which is better for our bodies.  We don’t even have to spend time outside, but we could play games or do other activities that get our bodies active and give them a break from the tiring screen.

When we spend time off of our screens we can get more connections with other people. This will help us with meeting new people and finding those who don’t have friends. It may be hard to meet new people with the virus Covid-19, but we can still manage this. We could have hang outs with face masks so that everyone will stay safe. When we take more breaks off of screens we will build better and stronger relationships with family and friends. Sure we could text, FaceTime, or call friends and family, but this is not the same thing as a face to face conversation. When we have an in person conversation it is extremely different from a screen conversation. With a screen conversation there could be errors and other problems that make a difference from in-person conversations. Also, we may not realize it, but many people feel left out when it is on a screen. With in-person conversations we are with the person and are more aware and can see if anyone is being left out.  

Often our family and friends feel ignored when we are on a screen. We should try to do more in-person conversations to help bring people together. We can be safe by wearing face masks, but still help each other. Turning off the screen will help us stay healthy and will help us be successful in our relationships.