Centennial Student Council Faces Change


Centennial Student Council members packaged food to send to Nicaragua.

Samantha Pelton, Staff Writer

For the past decade, Profa with the Student Council has supported Feed Nicaragua. This year it brought on debate if it should be invested in. On Wednesday, September, 23, after school, the Student Council meeting was held in the Spanish room like normal. Around 23 members attended the meeting, not including the special guests, Principal Doner and Vice-Principal Allen. Profa brought the meeting to order around 2:45 and the discussion began. 

The first discussion revolved around Feed Nicaragua, originally Mr. Doner denied us permission to do our yearly volunteer work for the cause. The discussion was very polite and professional with members voicing their concerns and opinions of why they wanted Student Council to participate in the event. Initially, the event was denied because Mr. Doner’s goal is for us to put forth more effort in our local community. With lots of convincing and thoughts being shared, the principals gave Student Council permission to participate and donate their time to the charity. 

Student Council was challenged to come up with ideas to support our school and students. Mr. Doner’s goal for this year, especially due to COVID-19, is to help our students and their families financially and otherwise. This initiative has been fueled by the Natrona County School District as well, with them helping out with lunch debt, making lunches free until the end of December. 

Mr. Doner kindly agreed to an interview which was conducted last week. One of the first questions asked was what he wanted the student council to accomplish this year. Doner said, “I really want to see the student council take a more in building leadership role, so we can build their leadership skills before they go to high school so they feel like they are a part of decision making and helping us make decisions.” Next, he was asked if there are any specific organizations he wanted the club to support. “I love the organizations that you guys support currently like the Night to Shine, which is such a cool charity and the packing for Feed Nicaragua. My hope is that these students think that well I helped all these people but I was mean to my classmates,” says the principal. 

Another topic that was talked about was what type of leadership roles will be instilled in the group this year. He said, “I think that it is just so important for students to have leadership roles and help with other things. Like the representatives could be a part of the budget and how it should be divided. So I can get that type of feedback from the students who are taking a part of the classes and the money. Or also be a part of staff interviews because you know what type of person you want to be learning from in an eighty minute class period. And lastly I want the rest of the students to be part of the student council and the leadership roles as well.” The last question asked was if it is important for the student council to be publicizing what they are up to. “I have an interest to publicize what everybody is doing in our school. Because I want to start focusing on the good things in our world, and if we are all helping it can just make the world a better place. And I have lots of ties to radio stations and television stations and the list goes on. So that will be my active role.” says Doner. 

The second thing that was discussed was how the Student Council is expected to move forward. As stated before the principals want us to focus on helping our students specifically through the angel program. This program helps kids in need with school supplies, Christmas, and even clothing or glasses. Our mandate is to raise funds for this program, which will be a challenge that the Student Council is willing to take. 

Mr. Doner also wants the club to take a more political stance within the group. In previous years the group has been peaceful and everyone has had opportunities to be a leader within our activities. But now he wants us to elect leaders within the club and hold an election with the public eye aware of what’s happening. Some members are against the idea but it’s always good for a change. 

Profa or Mrs. Holandsworth-Pomroy, has been the head organizer for the Centennial Student Council for 10+ years. She has always provided her wisdom, time, opportunities, and kindness. When asked for accomplishments she was looking for this year she answered with, “I want student council to continue making an impact within our school, internationally, and in the community.” She was then questioned about charities Student Council planned to support this year. “The student members choose what we do. We always are striving to combat hunger, so we are planning on doing a food drive, Feed Nicaragua on October 10th, and we are also taking a big interest in taking care of the needy population within our school through the angle network as well.” 

Another topic that was brought up in the discussion was the new idea of elections this year. Profa said, “This year we are picking up a new pillar of leadership. The plan is to have representatives of each grade levels to be the voice of the student body and to be the voice of student concerns to the leaders in our building.” The last question that was asked is if the Centennial Student Council will make more publicity out of their endeavors. “Yes, we are hoping if we add more publicity to what we are doing, kids will be more inspired to participate in volunteer work and in things that they take interest in,” said Profa. 

Students of all grades and ages from 6, 7, 8th have been active in the club for one to three years. As an active member, it is important to ask about how they want the club to move forward and what they think personally about the changes. I interviewed Dawn Farrer, Valeria Martinez, and Tre Weant. They are all 8th graders and active members of the student council. When asked about Mr. Doner’s goals Tre responded with this. “I like his goals, but I think we need to provide our services not only just to the community but also to international causes like Feed Nicaragua.” The students were also asked about if they disagreed with Principal Doner on something, Valeria answered, “I disagree that we should stop helping international foundations. I think that we can do volunteer work both within the community and outside it. Without too much being added on our plate. ”Lastly, they were also asked why they are a part of student council, and why it’s important. “I have just recently joined because of recommendations from friends, and I think it’s an important cause because I want to help people that can’t help themselves,” said Dawn.

Student Council is by far one of the best and most involved in the community club you can join at our school. Profa and my peers have all worked extremely hard and made lots of dedication to the club during the years I have been there. If you want to go out and get involved and help in the community you are encouraged to join and make a difference. 


I really appreciate all the help from interviewees and Mrs. Lamb on this article. You have all made such an impact on my life and I couldn’t thank you enough!