Centennial Sports

Corbin Dow, Staff Writer

Centennial has many amazing sports that we host. Football,  volleyball, basketball, cross country, swimming, skiing, and this year, a golf team just to name a few!! 

First, we’ll start with football. It’s currently football season right now, and centennial has two teams. One is coached by coaches Zeidler and Burgin, and the other is coached by Benebese and his assistant coach. Normally, Centennial would play Dean Morgan, CY, and CCA, and maybe do a bit of traveling in between. due to Covid-19, football players do not get to travel this year. Also, CCA did not have enough players to form a full team, so they merged teams with Centennial this year. Currently, Benebese’s team record is 2-2, And Zeidlers team record is 1-2.

Now, we’ll talk about volleyball. The girls volleyball season is going on at the same time that football season is, but there are a couple things that are different, one, it’s a completely different sport, and two, they actually GET TO TRAVEL, unlike the football players, who got ripped off for our season not being able to travel, and only getting to play two teams about six times. There are A, B, And C teams for volleyball. The A team coache, Carrie Pexton, B team coach, Kylie Jones, and C team, Lexi Lamb and Eric Hilde. Currently, the A teams stats are currently 6-1 and B team is 2-4. The C1 team ended their season at a 3-3, and C2 at 2-4. 

We also have a Cross country team here at Centennial, their season is also just finished. They ended their season with numerous top ten finishers on their team. 

A new season of sports is just kicking off. The upcoming sports seasons include archery, basketball, swimming, skiing, and golf. Stay tuned for more info about how our Centennial sports teams are doing!! 




Sources inquired: Emerson levin, Lexi Lamb and Grace Wilson. Thanks for the help!!