Should MLB players be allowed to use metal bats?

Should MLB players be allowed to use metal bats?

Cobey Pexton, Staff Writer

When you’re a baseball player you can feel the power of using different bats during times. This Allows the question that many probably wonder, do you think the MLB should use metal bats? A switch from a wood bat to a metal bat is a big change in power. The metal bat allows more pop when a direct hit on the ball is done. Wood bat is harder to get pop when hitting due to it not having a hollow center to allow more pop or vibration when hitting the ball. With the MLB player’s power, a metal bat would give the ball such an extra exit velocity speed and would make hitting way easier and different. The home run numbers would most likely be increased and hitting would change forever in the MLB.

There could be solutions to this change by a possibility of changing the fields lengths and extending them. This would make the possible change of hitting more fair for the players by if using metal causes the balls to go farther, this would make it harder to hit home runs with a longer distance. The average exit velocity is just 89 mph. This is with a wood bat and with metal this speed will just spurt up and increase. 

When using metal bats and the exit velocities become higher, the risks of incidents increase and become more likely to happen. The MLB would have to change drastically just for the change of using metal bats. They would have used certain bats and regulations to a new offense. This could make the league better or worse but giving it a try could only prove its point. This offense will most definitely have its pros and cons just within the first times it’s used. All I can say is that we will have to give it a try before we can have our opinions on if it’s good or not.

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