Would allowing Kids to Ice the Puck on Pk Bring More to the Sport of Hockey

Would allowing Kids to Ice the Puck on Pk Bring More to the Sport of Hockey

Brax Thomas, Staff Writer

In the sport of hockey kids are not allowed to ice the puck (see diagram below) on PK(penalty kill). This makes the overall pace of the game slower and less fun to watch and play. One may feel like icing the puck on PK would make hockey more fun  to play and watch because this would make the overall pace of the game go faster. 

In the NHL hockey players are allowed to ice the puck. The NHL is the fastest and highest level of hockey in the world. What makes hockey, hockey is the even and odd strength power plays and penalty kills. This moves the game along and allows more goals. One may feel that if 14u players would be allowed ice the puck on penalties hockey would be a faster and higher scoring game. This would make the game more fun to watch and therefore bring more fans to the games. 

Druw Robinson, who has played hockey for seven years, has said, “people should be able to ice the puck because it would be more fun for the overall sport.” He goes on to say “people do not like to sit there and watch people pass the puck around in a circle.” Druw who is now a fan of the sport says he likes watching the NHL because of the rules and high paced action. 

Next, if icing would draw more attention to the sport that means more fans and more people to the 14u division. This would be good for the sport and better for hockey fans. This would also bring money into the sport if more fans and people started showing up to watch the sport. 

Also, when this year’s Stanley cup was going on the winner Tampa Bay Lighting won and also had the most power plays. ESPN had a chart that showed if teams at the NHL level are scoring because they can ice the puck. It would be the same at the 14u level with more goals and higher paced action.

Finally, the overall sport of hockey would benefit if a 14u player could ice the puck on penalty kill.  Icing the puck would make hockey faster and therefore more fun to watch and play at all levels.