Boys Volleyball


Thomas Valdez, Staff Writer

The girls volleyball season is coming to a close, so is it the boys turn to get on the court. Boys volleyball has been an ongoing controversy for a while now. The boys have not had a team because both boys and girls have to have an even amount of sports. Even though girls can do football and wrestling but boys don’t get to play volleyball, that doesn’t seem fair. 

Centennial eighth grader, Cobey Pexton says, “ That if girls are allowed to do football and wrestling, then we should be able to do volleyball.” 

Many of the eighth grade boys would appreciate having a boys team or even a club. But the question is how do some of the girls feel about having a team and would they be open to it. Carly Wilson says “She would like having a boys team because it would mean a new team to play.” Her sister Grace Wilson says “That if the boys season was at a different time then it would be better and more boys would sign up.” Many of the boys that don’t play sports at this time would sign up but if it was later in the year they would probably join. Jack Nicholls, an eighth grader who plays football and basketball says “ That if the boys volleyball season is after the football and basketball season he would join and many other boys would too. 

It would be more fair because girls can do wrestling and football then boys should be able to play volleyball.” An eighth grader, Druw Robert Robinson, said “ That without a doubt he would join the boys volleyball team because he loves volleyball but in Wyoming schools don’t offer a boys program which is very disappointing.” 

It is time for the boys to be able to play volleyball just like the girls.