Teachers From Each Grade Profile Students


Carly Wilson, Staff Writer

One teacher from each grade was asked to identify an exemplary student  based on their personality and “overall vibe.” These teachers will remain anonymous so as to protect their identities.  These particular students were interviewed to learn a bit more about them and ultimately answer the question, “Why does your teacher like you so much?”


The Students

The 6th grade teacher was selected at random and decided that one of their notable students is Ben Swanson, this teacher also mentioned that all of their students are impressive and growing. The 7th grader that has been selected by one of their teachers was Hudson Keller. Finally, an 8th grade teacher chose Elena Maciel as one of their outstanding students.



All of the chosen students were interview. First, they were asked “What would you say is the most likeable thing about you?” Maciel responded by saying, “My personality.” Keller said his most likable personality trait is that he’s hardworking. Swanson decided his most likeable personality trait is that he is funny. The second question asked of them was the infamous, “How would you describe yourself in three (3) words?” Maciel told me that she would describe herself as small, funny, and sweet. Keller decided that he is hardworking, dedicated, and kind. Lastly, Swanson described himself as loving, kind, and also a hard worker. The final question was if they would consider themselves (overall) an introvert or extrovert. Maciel, Keller, and Swanson all said in the middle.


In Conclusion…

It seems that teachers prefer kids with the personality type of being both shy and outgoing. Being kind is clearly a strong personality trait of a stand out student to teachers.