Is homework beneficial?

Korbyn Coots, Staff Writer

Do you like homework?  Because I sure don’t.  Would you like to ban homework forever? One thing that is a negative about school is that we go to school for eight hours a day so why do we need to spend another 1-2 more hours doing homework. This leaves no space to do other activities.  Another reason that homework should be banned is because if people play sports, they go home they get home around 6-7 they do homework and they barely have time to eat before they have to go to bed.  Therefore, students have no time to have free time, and hang out with their family.  

Another reason homework is a bummer is because what is the point of it if everyone can just cheat on it.  In more depth, when we go home and do our homework we can just ask Siri, Alexa, Google, ect.  Therefore we can get all of the answers and the teachers will never know that we asked our at home devices.  Also, according to Cobey Pexton, “It’s a waste of time because the next day you come to school you’re just gonna do the same thing.”  Therefore, it’s just a waste of time.

On the other hand, homework can be beneficial because it could give you more practice.  

This can be more practice and helpful if a student doesn’t understand what they are doing.  In more depth, say the stuff you are doing in class is hard and you don’t understand, you can ask your parents to help you.  Because in my opinion, parents are much more understanding than teachers. Therefore, it could be beneficial in some ways.

According to Mr. Ziedler, one of the math teachers for Centennial Junior High School, there is such a thing as too much homework, “Anything over 30 minutes is too much homework for almost any grade.”  Therefore, if you have more than 30 mins of homework it’s too much.  Also, according to Mr. Zeidler, “There can’t be not enough homework.  It doesn’t take a lot of questions to get your point across and for the student to understand,” furthermore, you could have three questions that cover everything, and does the same thing as 30 questions. 

In conclusion, homework is not beneficial because of many reasons.  First, we don’t have any free time or family time if we have homework.  But on the other hand, it can give you extra practice.  Therefore, homework isn’t beneficial, and isn’t fun to do.