Is the amount of Homework being given out too much, and is it beneficial?


Maximilian Hornbeck, Staff Writer

Do you have classes that hand out homework that can take you the whole afternoon to finish? That has happened to so many kids numerous times. They go to school for 8 hours a day just to get homework to do for the rest of the day. Most of the time students have other plans like sports and just spending time with their friends and family. So when they do that and have two hours of homework, some kids just do not have the time to get that done unless they stay up half of the night and barely get any sleep. Most students believe that a little homework every once in a while could be helpful but not lots and lots that some get on a regular basis.


Teacher’s Opinions

According to Mr Zielder, a 7th grade math teacher at Centennial Junior High School, was interviewed and he said there is such a thing as too much homework, “anything over 30 minutes is too much homework for almost any grade.” Therefore, teachers do realize and believe there should be limitations when it comes to homework. He also said, “There can’t be not enough homework. It doesn’t take a lot of questions to get your point across and for the student to understand.” So he believes that there could be two, three, maybe four questions that could cover all you need to know. 

Homework in some ways could help, it gives kids practice for upcoming classes and it could be given out every once in a while in reasonable amounts. It’s the amount that is given out on a regular basis that gives people stress and takes time away from things that they like to do outside of school. Homework in a way prepares you for other things to come in school and is a review to see if you listen or actually do things in school, but do they hand out more than is needed to be given?



In conclusion, homework is being given out in quantities that are way too much for kids to handle. They have around eight classes total and a large amount of homework from each class is very stressful. It takes time out of their day when some kids are supposed to spend time with their family and do other out of school activities. Therefore, homework is also not beneficial for kids in the amounts given out.