Are Masks in Stadiums Beneficial?


Dylan Johnson, Staff Writer

Many people think that wearing masks in stadiums is the most useless thing that you can possibly do. Most of the stadiums are outside and COVID-19 can’t live outside as well as it can inside. 

The School even interviewed Druw Robinson, who is very involved in the National Football League and follows many things in the NFL. He thinks that masks are recommended in the concession stands or areas. Masks have been proven to slow the COVID-19 virus and still work a little but don’t completely stop the virus. 

Should people even be allowed to attend NFL games at the stadium? If the people aren’t willing to wear masks just watch the game on TV many people understand it is not the same experience as the stadium but you still see the game. The NFL is trying to limit their number of COVID-19 cases but they can not stop the virus completely so it is almost inevitable. Just make sure all the seats are separate and socially distanced.

Only 6 NFL teams are allowing fans and every single fan allowed in the stadium is required to wear a mask. That is only about 10,000 people allowed each week in all of the NFL stadiums combined. These lucky people can’t even enjoy watching the great sport of football without wearing a mask.

In conclusion, people think that the National football league is making too many mistakes by making people wear masks and limiting the number of fans in the stadiums. By limiting the amount of fans the National Football League is losing money rapidly and people personally don’t believe that they will gain it back as fast as they lost it. Also, the masks are not the best idea because when you are socially distanced like they are in the seats the COVID-19 will not be able to spread as well outside even if people aren’t wearing masks in conclusion people shouldn’t need to wear masks to NFL games.