Brody Parks, Staff Writer


Before Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor had a cracked rib and needed a pain killer shot. The only problem was that the team doctor gave him the shot but punctured his lung. I believe that the team doctor should be fired but do you think that? They ended his whole season but it could have been much worse. He is very lucky that it didn’t end his entire career. He is only 31 years old so he is lucky it didn’t cause permanent damage because he is so wrong. Tyrod might be expected to come back though.



I interviewed Druw Robinson who said, “ He believes that the doctor should be fired because if he makes that mistake he is not fit for being a NFL doctor. He is not fit for that position. You can get second chances but he shouldn’t for something like that.” I also interviewed Korbyn Koots. He said, “Yes he should be fired since he messed up that bad he should be fired. Finally I interviewed Brax Thomas. He said, “Everyone makes mistakes and not one person’s career should be based on that mistake.” This is what different people had to say about the incident in the NFL.


Sources said, “Taylor’s injury is not career threatening, Lynn said, adding that the doctor “just made a mistake.” The also said, “”It happens,” Lynn told Smith. “Tyrod’s not angry, not upset.” “Lynn strongly backed Taylor on Sunday night and again this week. Many coaches believe that no player should lose his job to an injury — especially one that accidentally came at the hands of a team doctor. The Chargers previously said Taylor suffered complications from an injection.” This is what ESPN had to say about the injury.