Picking Up After Yourself At Lunch. Should You Care?

Garrett Burkett, Staff Writer

You grab your lunch from the cafeteria and head outside to sit under the tree with your friends. You finish your lunch consisting of a sandwich, chips, and a granola bar and head over to the basketball court to play a game with your remaining time. The bell rings and you grab your things and head to your next class. But without realizing you forgot to throw your trash away.  Should you care about picking up after yourself at lunch?

The Facts

 According to litteritcostsyou.org, 9 billion tons of litter end up in the ocean each year. This is more than the amount of trash generated every year which is only 250 million tons. Meaning that people tend to litter more often than they throw their trash in a trash bin. Litteritcostsyou.org also says, 11.5 billion dollars is spent every year to clean up litter. As young people and students these numbers determine our future. Students at Centennial Jr High can help lower these numbers by picking up their trash.


The Effects

Littering has a harmful impact on the environment. Litter in water supply from commercial and consumer use creates a toxic environment. If ingested polluted water is very deadly towards wildlife. Toxic water also kills off surrounding plant life on ponds or riverbanks. Soil can also absorb these toxins and affect surrounding agriculture. Humans who eat the crops or the animals feeding on the infected agriculture can also become ill. Centennial Jr High students can slow these effects by picking up their trash.


What can we do?

There are many ways we can stop littering. Set an example by not being a part of the problem. Secure your trash, lightweight objects like cans and water bottles can easily be carried away by the wind. Go the extra mile and pick up an extra piece of trash at lunch. Participate in local cleanups. You can even go as far as utilizing recycle bins. Littering is a huge problem but we can stop it.