What Are Some of the New Teachers Opinions on Centennial?

What Are Some of the New Teachers Opinions on Centennial?

Vy Le, Staff Writer

We all have an opinion on/about our school and we have all heard the opinions of some of the older teachers who have worked here, but what about the new teachers? The ones who just started working here? And the ones who we haven’t heard from yet. 

Mr. Seville and Mrs. Dow agreed to be interviewed and these are their responses. 

The first teacher interviewed, Mr. Seville, teaches seventh grade social studies. The first thing asked was, how he is feeling about the students so far, and his response was that he really likes them. He thinks they are good kids and that so far they are really good students.

The next thing that was asked, was his thoughts on the teachers, what he thought about them and if he was feeling welcomed. His response to me was that they are very kind and have been very welcoming to him.

The last thing that was asked to Mr. Seville was what he liked most about Centennial and how he felt like we could improve. The answer he gave me was that Centennial has been doing a good job about recognizing students for good reasons and that the other schools aren’t very good at recognizing kids for all the good things they do. He said that right now he doesn’t think we should improve on anything and that Centennial is already doing a pretty good job. 

The next person interviewed was. Mrs. Dow. The question asked to her was how she likes the students and staff and she responded to me by saying that so far she feels like the students are respectful, pleasant, and fun to be around, and her opinions on the staff was that they have been very helpful and welcoming to her.

Another question asked was if she was feeling welcomed and how she feels like we can improve, and her answers to these questions where that she felt very welcomed and that Centennial is a positive culture, but something she says we can improve on is having the students take more responsibility for their missing/ late work.

The last question she was asked was if she had any opinions or thoughts on centennial, and she said that she really enjoys the music for our bells instead of the regular ones and that she loves teaching middle school. 

To conclude the two teachers interviewed, Mr. Seville and Mrs. Dow, has good and positive thoughts about/on Centennial. I’m glad this is their answer, because this to me is more evidence that Centennial is a superior middle school.