Women in Woodshop

Women in Woodshop

Emerson Levin, Staff Writer

On October 7, 2020, an interview was conducted with Mrs. Anderson, the woodshop teacher here at Centennial Junior High School. My interview was a series of questions about her job. She was asked many things like, “Do you enjoy your teaching position?” “Do you think there is/was any kind of controversy or odd feeling of being a female woodshop teacher?” “How long have you been a teacher, and have all of those years been at CJHS?”, and several more questions similar to those mentioned.

The very first question that Mrs. Anderson was asked, “How long have you been a teacher, and have you spent all of your time teaching at Centennial?” She responded to my question with “This is my fourth year teaching, and yes.” Short and sweet.

Next she was asked, “Did you always want to teach woodshop, or would you have preferred another profession? Also, what were your goals when you were growing up?” Mrs. Anderson responded with a humorous answer, and growing up, Mrs. Anderson would’ve liked to teach elementary school, but in her own words “I realized I like my own kids when they are little, but not other peoples kids when they’re little.” 

Later in her life, Mrs. Anderson decided to become an interior designer, because that is what she enjoyed. Although, she then realized it wasn’t enough hands on work. Then, after almost six years of kitchen designing, Mrs. Anderson decided to go back to school to become a teacher! 

Next, she was asked what her opinion was about being a female woodshop teacher, and if she thought there was any controversy on the topic. Mrs. Anderson responded with, “Women are underrepresented in a lot of areas typically known as a ‘mans’ area.” Although, she doesn’t believe that it is controversial. Mrs. Anderson also claims, “Now, I think men support women more in the work field, but at one point in time, it wasn’t like that.” Mrs. Anderson maybe feels like she is looked at differently, but she feels fully accepted, and feels that there is no reason to treat her differently. 

Mrs. Anderson really likes her teaching position, although she sometimes wishes that the groups were smaller so she had more one on one time. She also wishes that she could go more in depth with her teaching. Overall, Mrs. Anderson loves her teaching position, has found her mostly happy place, and is an amazing woman in the work field!