Teachers Opinions on Digital Learning


Giselle Moreno, Staff Writer

Digital learning has become a big part of teachers’ lives. Opinions vary on the situation, and many teachers are forced to figure out how to teach on a computer. Many teachers love digital learning and prefer it better than showing up to school, and others not so much. Teachers play a huge role in everyone’s lives, not just students, parents depend on teachers to teach their children. Teachers’ opinions are very important when it comes to digital learning, and they need to be taken into consideration. So I interviewed a few teachers that work at Centennial Junior High School to tell me their opinions on one of our digital learning systems that we used last March. 

First, I happened to interview Mrs. Wendland, a 7th grade teacher at Centennial Junior High who teaches language arts. She states that “It was effective, but also not effective.” She thought that at the beginning of digital learning everyone was in a panic mode, not knowing what to do and how to get their work done as well. She also thought that it was the same for teachers. Then stating “We were figuring out how to work it as we went.” She said that things got better towards the end of the year when students got the hang of it. She adds that it was frustrating at first but okay at the end. I also asked if there was anything she would change about last year’s digital learning. She proposed that we get on like a normal school day, with our normal schedule every day. That way she had more time to explain, teach, and assign things.  

Next, I interviewed Mrs. Jensen, a 7th grade science teacher at Centennial. She said, “From a teacher standpoint I felt it was rushed and forced on us.” She also thought that teachers did not have sufficient time to plan. She added that when teaching at home her and fellow teachers had limited resources to teach with, making it a challenge. Mrs. Jensen states “It was really hard to sift through information and pick the most important information.” For the weekly 15 minute video teachers had to make. I also asked her the same question as Mrs. Wendland and she said she would like to plan more. She states, “We knew the virus was coming and I think we should have been doing things to help plan and train kids to know what to do.” To add to that she thinks that with a plan in place digital learning would have been easier. 

Finally, I interviewed Mrs. Hadley, a 7th grade Social Studies teacher at Centennial. She stated, “I thought it went okay for it being last minute and people making up things on the fly.” She adds that she thinks it could have been better though. She also says that “I think everyone did the best that they could.” I then proceeded to ask her if there was anything that she would like to change to better the digital learning procedure. She responded with, “I think that having more meetings live would have been nice.”

In conclusion, as you can see these three teachers had a lot of the same opinions and some not the same, as well as ideas to better the system. With these opinions and ideas I think we can use them to better the digital learning system and make it easier, quicker, and more efficient than March’s digital learning system. And hopefully digital learning can and will advance to something similar to that, to make it timeless for students and teachers.