Are Teens Allowed To Have a Political Opinion


Most teens have a political opinion, but some people disagree and think that they should not. It is ok for teens to have a political opinion because most teens will be able to vote in 2024? They need to form a good opinion and have real facts to back up their opinions. If someone asks them why they think that, they are going to need actual evidence to back up their claim and opinion. If they were 13 and their birthday is before November 3rd. Teens are allowed to have a political opinion but they need to have a good opinion and real facts to back it up. Many people say that teens shouldn’t have an opinion because they can’t vote. When they are old enough to vote they need to understand what is going on so they don’t just randomly pick someone.


Brax Thomas, an 8th grader from Centennial Junior High, was interviewed. Here is what he had to say, “ Yes, because at an early age it is ok to develop an opinion and start getting educated on some topics also politics can affect us and manifest our parents and it is good to know what is going on in our country at a young age.”

Druw Robinson, also an 8th grade student at Centennial, said, “They should [have an opinion now] because later in life they will want an opinion when they are 18. They aren’t just going to magically develop an opinion when they are older.”  


An article from said that it is our future. They also said, “Right now most leaders are in at least their fifties or older. However, they’re making decisions not only for today, but also for many, many years down the line.” They also said, “you may want to start paying a little more attention to the political world around you. You don’t have to be obsessed or get too into it. But, it’s your future (and present), so you should probably care at least a little bit!”