Wearing a mask during a basketball game, is it beneficial?

Wearing a mask during a basketball game, is it beneficial?

Cobey Pexton, Staff Writer

When playing basketball in some places, you now have to wear a mask while you play. This is a big topic while playing against others from other towns and communities. Why would you wear a mask when you’re playing, but you also touch the ball that all other nine people on the court touch throughout the game? You also have physical contact with them many times throughout the game. Masks only prevent you from not letting as much air from your breathing, but playing makes you breathe differently and makes you breathe harder so you will probably be breathing more air out and can still release germs. 

Masks just get irrelevant throughout the game. They’ll fall off as you’re running up and down the court, then after it falls off you can get a technical foul and hurt your team. Most people understand that you have to have your mask on but also getting constantly yelled at by the ref to put your mask up when it falls, just makes you slow down and then you just stop caring after that. 

Wearing your mask when you’re having physical contact with different players throughout the game is just pointless to me. Touching and rubbing up on each other for the whole game is still sharing germs and can give you a case for Covid-19 if it’s the right person. Most masks don’t work, if you can blow air through your mask then it doesn’t work. In game you’ll be breathing harder and more air will be coming out of your mouth but it’s somewhat the same with or without the mask.

Masks also can make a difference in your breathing by making it harder to inhale and exhale with a mask. This extremely slows people down and might cause them to be slow on the court. So in reality, masks seem to be pointless but they are required so I guess we’ll just have to play through it.