Politics, Why Should people under 18 care?

Politics, Why Should people under 18 care?

Druw Robinson, Staff Writer

Some people in my classes, including me, are very interested in politics and people in my class always get the same question from people. ‘Why do you care and/or are interested in politics if you can’t vote? Well hopefully these statements in this article can answer that question in this article. 

On one of the sides of this argument Thomas Valdez was interviewed, who does believe that politics matter under the age of 18. Thomas stated that, “We need to know because it is important so we can start forming opinions now for later life.” 

Information was also found in an article called “Growing Voters: 18 Ways Youth Under 18 Can Contribute to Elections” which stated, “Being under 18 years old may mean that you cannot vote in the general election, but it doesn’t mean that young people cannot contribute to political engagement and to conversations about what’s important in an election year.” 

All of these points and opinions are stating that they think that when you are younger than the eligible age to vote (Unless you are in certain states that allow you to vote in the primaries when you are 16 and older) you should still form an opinion and get yourself ready for when you turn 18. If you are truly dedicated to your candidate (No matter if you are a liberal, conservative, or an independent) then you can campaign with your candidate or support them by donating to them or buying their merchandise. 

Now if you are reading this and you are still like, “I still don’t see a reason to care about politics when I am under 18, that is okay. Other people also have reasons to support your opinion also. While some other people don’t 100 percent support your opinion for that, other people will still understand it. 

For this side of the opinion Grace Wilson was interviewed. When she was asked if she thinks politics matter if you are under 18 she said, “I have other things to worry about than things I can not change.” When research was done we concluded that there are reasons why people under 18 are not allowed to vote. A reason for this is, in the classroom teachers often stay away from discussing politics in the classroom to avoid stepping on potential landmines so say. If a teacher said something that the class didn’t agree with, or even one person didn’t agree with, the teacher would get hate and bad opinions would be formed about them. Since the schools do not talk about politics, kids under 18 are uneducated and do not know about politics.

 In conclusion there are reasons to be on each side so whichever side you choose will affect your opinions. So next time you are thinking about why your friend has a political opinion consider this article.