Washing Mask and Wearing Mask

Washing Mask and Wearing Mask

Brax Thomas, Staff Writer

Students all around Centennial wear and do not wear their mask. Many people believe in wearing masks and many don’t. There are two sides of this story but none of them are wrong. Many people wear the same dirty mask all day and never wash it. This is not the same but similar to not wearing a mask. Wearing your mask and never washing your mask is not good for you. 

Many kids will wear the same dirty mask everyday. This mask is contaminated and may lead to Covid-19. Now, kids should also be wearing masks to help slow the spread of Covid. One eighth grader has  said they are  guilty of not wearing a mask and are lucky. The eighth grader has not been affected. Also, they have been to seven different states during quarantine and been around many different people. They have still not tested positive. 

Also, my dad who is a safety and environment expert says to believe ‘’if you don’t wash your mask then it’s contaminated with whatever they have been breathing and whatever has been on their hands when touching it, may lead to sickness other than Covid. Colds, flu and strep, etc.’’ One could say this is true because if you do not wash your mask then it is contaminated.  

Next, an eighth grader Thomas Valdez who rarely wears his mask and believes masks are pointless and useless, said that “ why would one go through the pointless task of wearing the same mask all day everyday to just to have it be contaminated and dirty.’’ I also had a talk with Emerson Levin who is quarantine for two weeks because of Covid and she said the that she ‘’doesn’t really know if the mask helped her prevent Covid.’’ She also did not know if washing her mask would affect her getting Covid. 

Finally, everyone should be grateful for the chance we have to go to school and do activities. Everyone has a different opinion on masks but one could say that there is really no wrong side.  People need to wash their hands and be careful about Covid.