Why Hillary Clinton Should be in Jail

Why Hillary Clinton Should be in Jail

Dax Thomas, Staff Writer

Just so we’re clear before I write this article I am not suicidal. I say this because I am going to tell you why Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Hillary Clinton was born October 26th, 1947. She married President Bill Clinton on October 11, 1975 and has since been busy being a politician for the United states. While being a politician for the U.S. she has run for president and became the democratic candidate nominee losing to Donald Trump in 2016. She has also been Involved in numerous conspiracy theories.

One of her most famous conspiracy theories is the death of Jeffrey Epsitine. Jeffrey Epsitine was a financier for the U.S. who made a lot of money during his time on earth. But that is not what he is most famous for, he was involved with a sex trafficking ring where he would take celebeties to rape children. Before he could testify in court about who those celebrities were, he “hung himself” with the last person to see him being Hillary Clinton. It is believed that Hillary and Bill Clinton went to the island.  Now this might be a big conspiracy but this isn’t the first time Bill Clinton has been accused of rape or someone close to the Clinton’s has died, for they have around 34 “friends” or people who were going to testify against them have died. Now I’m no genius but I don’t think anyone would have around 34 people around them mysteriously die to suicide or other weird causes.

Another topic that is wired about Hillary Clinton is her emails.  Hillary Clinton had a private server setup for classified emails, you might think this is not a bad thing but the government ruled it illegal to transmit government secrets through a private email. The government ruled this illegal because it was vulnerable to hackers. It was later reported that 10,000 of her emails were deleted. People now say “Hillary Clinton cared more about protecting her own secrets than she cared about protecting America’s secrets.” It is believed that those emails contained important government information as well as some of her deep dark secrets that could have led to her arrest.

The last conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton is Vince Foster. Vince Foster was involved in a scandal about tax returns. Before he could testify he “committed suicide. President Donald Trump wrote this about the situation, “Foster, who was a close friend of the Clintons, “had intimate knowledge of what was going on,” Trump told The Washington Post in May. “He knew everything that was going on, and then all of a sudden he committed suicide. I don’t know enough to really discuss it (but) I will say there are people who continue to bring it up because they think it was absolutely a murder.” This information was from https://www.pennlive.com/news/2016/07/13_reasons_republicans_say_hil.html


All in all Hillary Clinton is either just a politician or really good at covering her tracks. She is involved in numerous amounts conspiracy theories but they may just be theories.