Colors and Genders

 “Does Gender affect your favorite color?”

Colors and Genders

Haylie Williams, Staff Writer

When you are picking between two colors, one masculine, one feminine, would you pick the one leaning more towards your gender or the one you truly like? This article answers the great question, or at least tries to. Does gender affect humans favorite colors? 

So for a poll classmates were asked to choose between two colors, pink (a feminine color) or blue (a masculine color). Also classmates were asked in different groups, they were split into different groups. The first group that was asked was filled with only boys. The second group that was asked was only a group of girls. Hopefully splitting them up will help them be able to answer more accurately. Hopefully these results will give an answer to the question.

The boys results are in! They have been asked the question “Pink or Blue?” and they have an answer, well maybe. The boys answered the question, and well if you’re wondering, yes most of them chose blue, the masculine color. Eight out of the nine boys that were asked chose blue. And one out the nine chose pink. So does this mean that gender does affect your favorite colors, well let’s see what the girls have to say first.

Now onto the girls. Are you wondering what they have to say, well the wait is no more. The answer is…blue the masculine color. It was a very close call though, five out of the nine girls answered blue, while four out of the nine answered pink. So gender doesn’t affect favorite color. But how can that be, how can boys choose the color that is considered masculine, and the girls do the same. The results collide, they don’t add up, right?

Well what if it has to do with multiple different factors? What if it has to do with peer pressure? And people only answered the colors that their friends said. What if it had to do with the colors picked? The blue could’ve been considered just more appealing than the pink. At the end of the day my experiment has no real answer and, but, the article “Does Gender Affect Color Preference?may have the answer you’re looking for.