Virtual Or In Class?

Virtual Or In Class?

Grace Wilson, Staff Writer

The ongoing question about the school year of 2020 and beyond is ‘should we go virtual or stay in class, the best we can?’ I asked this question to five sixth grade males, five sixth grade females, five seventh grade males, five seventh grade females, five eighth grade males, and five eighths grade females. The responses we got were pretty intriguing, not necessarily based on gender, but rather on grade level. Out of the total of thirty votes, both male and female, nine of them wanted to go virtual for learning this year, and possibly after this year. The other twenty one votes were in favor for staying in class.

The majority of the votes for those in favor of virtual learning came from sixth and seventh grade. There was one vote in sixth grade females, three from sixth grade males, two from seventh grade females, two votes from seventh grade males, one from with grade females, and zero votes for virtual learning from eighth grade males. The data table below shows the results.

Some believe the voting results have to do with the teachers that are teaching each class. One of the seventh graders, who shall remain anonymous, expressed that they would rather be virtual this year, then in class next year, due to their teachers, future teachers, and activities in classes. Many of the students that voted that virtual learning would be more effective, and fun, said it was mostly because of their fellow classmates, and/or their teachers. Their reasoning, is completely understandable, because we do spend a lot of our time with the people in our classes, and those who teach said classes.

We may never know the answer for which method of learning, in class or virtual, is most effective, but this is probably the best way of finding an accurate solution.