Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Maximilian Hornbeck, Staff Writer

Athletes all over the country grind, practice, and do anything possible to be the best. For all of the hard work that those athletes are being put through, they do not get paid a penny. The athletes are what get those universities and sports programs most of their pay and all they do not get rewarded for that. 

Even though they do get scholarships that cover quite a good percentage of those expenses, they just don’t make any money. A scholarship for an athlete that will probably not go pro will not cover the expenses that will last throughout and after college. The percentage of college athletes going to the professionals is very low so this would likely happen to many of the college students. 

An interview done with a former student athlete and now teacher, Alexis Lamb thinks that college athletes should not be paid. She had said, “They are a ‘Student-Athlete’, student is the first word in that phrase”, she thinks that their education should be a big and main part of their time at the universities, not only sports. They should be getting paid in other ways than sports since sports is a voluntary and part time thing during college. School should be the first priority for student athletes,

A lot of athletes in college from around the country do come from a lot less wealthy and poorer households and it could be very likely that those expenses would be challenging to pay off after and/or during college. Also, you are not allowed to have a job during the school year for many colleges that have serious athletic programs, because it would most likely interfere with practices, workouts and other things. For most athletes that have scholarships do not go to school for education, their main focus is athletics because that is what they see themselves doing for the future. Therefore, they do not end up graduating and that entire scholarship that they earned and worked for has now become useless. Universities and supporters of pay for athletes in college came up with the idea of paying the athletes $100 a month, that’s it. That is not a lot if you think about it but it could definitely help athletes with those expenses. But there is a problem with this idea, this could cost a lot of money that universities do not have room for in their budget. This could definitely work out for some of the colleges like LSU, Duke, UNC, Alabama, and Notre Dame, but for the smaller budget and less wealthy universities it is not in the budget. It was calculated that it could cost upwards of $800,000 a year. 

They also think that this could affect the recruitment aspect, recruiting is a big part of college sports. The better players that the colleges get, the better they perform, the better they perform, the more revenue that is brought in. So, all of this would change college sports for a lot of colleges so if this was put in it could be a problem. Say that this was passed and athletes would get paid, it would be a lot of work for them and they would have to figure out a lot of laws that would prevent some things like corruption.

 In conclusion, depending on the school that you are at, athletes getting paid could definitely vary depending on the rules of the school that you are going to. Many problems could be caused during the change and during the time that athletes would be getting paid, if the idea was enforced.