Seven Wonders of Casper

Garrett Burkett, Staff Writer

The 7 wonders of Casper are truly “wonders” of our city. The 7 wonders are originally named after the 7 wonders of the world. No one knows who came up with these 7 wonders but we do know that the 7 wonders have increased over time and become the 8 wonders. These 8 wonders are a perfect way to become more familiar and in touch with our city. According to they are Lookout Point, Gravity Hill, Egg Beater, Echo Chamber, The Clock That No One Sees, Magic Mirror, and Spiral Staircase. To finish off our wonders we will explore the most recent wonder, Car Light.

Lookout Point

  Our first location sits about halfway up Casper Mountain road. Lookout Point provides a great view and is a place where you can see all of Casper sprawled out in front of you. Legend holds that the city was originally designed to resemble Wyoming’s bucking horse logo. Although the city has long outgrown this shape, Lookout Point still provides a nostalgic view of Casper. 

Gravity Hill 

Our next wonder brings us to the road headed to Garden Creek Falls. This optical illusion is located a short distance from the entrance to Rotary Park. Bring your vehicle to a complete stop and put it in neutral. Your vehicle will slowly begin rolling up the hill.. You will be amazed at what you see! 


Egg Beater

Our next wonder brings us to the Wells Fargo tower located in downtown Casper. This 177 foot tall, white, three legged building is one of the most recognizable features of the city. Stand beneath it and look directly up as you spin around in place You’ll feel like you’re inside an egg beater.


Echo Chamber

Behind the Natrona County Library sits the Echo Chamber. Some people call this the center of the world. The curved wall of the chamber will echo whatever is spoken by the person standing in the middle. Although the people outside of the circle will not hear the echo, this is a great experience for the person inside of the circle.

The Clock That No One Sees

Located in a downtown alley is The Clock That No One Sees. This relic from a former era is number 5 on the list. Park on the third level of the Downtown Parking Garage and look to your left. This decorative clock is number 5 on the list of wonders.

Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror is located outside of Fashion Crossroads in Downtown Casper. If you stand halfway behind the mirror and move your arms and legs, the image is repeated in the mirror. To anyone watching it appears that you are suspended midair. Who needs a funhouse when you can visit wonder number 6 on our list?


Spiral Staircase

Our next hidden treasure is also located in an alley of downtown Casper. This spiral staircase behind Toy Town on Center Street is number 7 on the list of wonders. This staircase used to lead to apartments, but now it just stops. This structure has become a popular spot for senior photos as well as a very unique view of downtown Casper.


Car Light

Our last wonder is located on Sun Drive. Although this attraction does not make  As you face second street look beside the traffic light. You’ll see a light with a car on it. This sensor is used to signal oncoming traffic but is very unusual and uncommon.

These seven (8) wonders are a great way to spend an afternoon. The seven wonders make Casper an interesting and creative place. Find some free spirited friends and see the wonders for yourself.