Korbyn Coots, Staff Writer

August 7th 2020, president Donald Trump declared that TikTok would be banned.  Do you have TikTok?  Do you think TikTok should be banned?  If you say yes, you’re wrong.  It shouldn’t be banned for many reasons.  For example, it helps people with depression to keep their head up and persevere through what they’re going through.  Also, it makes people that are very bored VERY entertained.  And finally, it may make people get famous, and get money to help their family in hard times or be wealthy.  Although, it may make people sad because of hate.

 First, TikTok should not be banned because people with depression watch TikTok and it helps them.  In more depth, people are depressed, have a plan to kill themselves and then go onto TikTok and donate money to live influencers and comment that they are going to end their life.  As a result, the streamers talk them out of it.  Also, people with depression go onto TikTok to cheer themselves up, and there are people that they may follow or that they see on their FYP, say some inspirational thing and make them feel as if they mean something to the world and that they are loved.  Therefore, TikTok should not be banned, because it helps people keep their head up.

On the other hand, TikTok may make people more depressed.  In more depth, if people post a video and they get a lot of hate it may cause them to feel down about themselves.  For example, someone posts a video of themselves dancing and then, 10 minutes later they get a comment on that video.  So they check it, and see that someone’s body shaming them.  This may cause them to be depressed and very insecure.

In conclusion, TikTok should not be banned for many reasons.  First, it may help with depression.  On the other hand it may cause depression.