Advice Column

Advice Column

Emerson Levin, Staff Writer

Question: What should I do when a certain someone always argues with me against my opinions?

Answer: This answer could be complicated. There is simply not a way to make this person stop arguing against you. You can’t physically stop them from talking. However, you may just either have to keep your opinions to yourself no matter how hard it may be, or you can fight back, vocally, but it may only land you in deeper water. 


Question: How can I stop myself from procrastinating?

Answer: Sometimes during class, we can get super bored, and let’s be honest, everyone does it! During class if you can just stay on task and focused for just a little while and discipline yourself to get your work done, you will have more time later on to do what you want. When you are doing school work, think about the end result of you completing all of your work and getting to have free time to do whatever you want, whenever you want!


Question: Why is it so hard for kids to wear their masks?

Answer: Being a kid myself, this question is definitely difficult to answer. Masks are uncomfortable, kids and adults both have a hard time with wearing them. Right now mask wearing is a big issue in our schools. We need to wear our masks because COVID19 cases are higher than ever and to keep schools open, we need to wear our masks, and wear them properly. Most kids probably don’t understand that issue. Also, some kids might think that they’re “too cool” for mask wearing, but on the contrary, there is nothing lame about protecting others from COVID19. As of November 4, USAFACTS claims that 1,887 COVID19 cases have been recorded in Natrona County although there have only been twelve deaths. A lot of these cases are also coming from the school system, which may be a result of students not wearing their masks.