The Debate

Giselle Moreno, Staff Writer

Abortion is a very heavy and important topic in this current time. Debates about the situation continue to rise and there are two very important sides to this debate. One being pro-life and the other being pro-choice and it is very important that we stay educated and informed when talking about this topic. 

To be educated and informed on this topic, we need to know what both sides of the debate mean. First being pro-choice, pro-choice means that women should have the right to abort their pregnacy and get the choice on whether or not they should abort. According to: they state “When you say that you support reproductive rights, that means you support laws that allow people to access the full range of reproductive health care — including safe, legal abortion.” A simpler way to put this would be you support legal and safe abortions, and think they should be accesible to all women. Also, by saying your pro-choice you think it is ok to have the option to abort even if you would not choose abortion for yourself. 

Now let’s talk about pro-life, there are many reasons people believe in pro-life some being morally they believe abortion is not okay, religiously it is not okay, and many more reasons. Pro-life means you are opposed to abortion and do not think abortion is okay. A lot of people that believe in pro-life often think it should be illegal once again. According to they state, “Many anti-abortion people don’t believe that pregnant people should be able to choose abortion under any circumstances, even if their pregnancy is a result of rape or if carrying the pregnancy to term puts their life in danger.” Some pro-life people don’t believe that people should even use birth control. 

In conclusion, there are many opinions, views, and controversy on abortion. And we need to take both sides of the debate into consideration as they are both equally important no matter which one you believe is correct.