Are The Covid Sports Rules Getting Out Of Hand?

Are The Covid Sports Rules Getting Out Of Hand?

Cobey Pexton, Staff Writer

For all school sports there are restrictions that play a role in being able to play. Some of these rules are pointless and make no sense. The rules seem that they’ll be fine to play with but then when you actually start competing these rules just make absolutely no sense. Some rules don’t make sense to have them but then there are things during the sports that should be a rule but aren’t. 

During basketball season, you don’t have to wear a mask while you’re playing but then when you’re on the bench you are required to. Not wearing a mask when playing is a weird rule because you are playing and rubbing against other players from different schools that you aren’t around everyday. Also there is usually a city tournament but this year with Covid, they aren’t allowing this tournament. Makes no sense because you can travel on weekends but then you can’t go to another school in the city to have a one day tournament. I have no idea why this is in place and I totally disagree with this.

During track/cross country there is a rule where after a meet and you’re on a bus, you are not allowed to take a drink of water. You keep your mask at all times. If people want to take a drink, the bus has to stop and everyone has to get out of the bus and spread out (6 feet+) just to take a drink. Most kids probably sneak taking drinks but then there’s those kids where they have to tell the coach that they need a drink. This most likely makes other kids mad. If the team is coming home from a late meet and it’s cold outside and kids have to get off the bus just for a drink sounds pointless and I would definitely get mad about this. 

Sports are a main activity that generally a lot of kids participate in and adding some of these odd rules might make kids quit or stick to the sport. It’s a 50/50 for most kids I assume. For instance, the cross country drinking rule, kids might just get tired of tHis and feel no need to keep going with the sport. But kids before the sport even started knew what they were getting themselves into. So it’s their fault if they can’t stand continuing on with the sport. 

Another sport that has rules that aren’t making sense to me is that when you are in the bleachers you are required to wear your mask. But then when you are wrestling another person and they are sweating and breathing hard and you’re rubbing against each other, you are not required to wear your mask. Just doesn’t make sense to me but it’s the rule so everyone must follow it.

These rules play an effect in sports by getting penalized for not wearing them but refs should understand that it’s hard to keep up when you are always pulling up your mask. Refs should give players somewhat some slack when playing. 

In conclusion all these sports have weird and pointless rules that everyone is required to follow. Some of these rules make absolutely no sense to use but then there are also rules that aren’t in place that should be.  We have no effect in changing these rules but while playing sports we are required to follow the rules so we can keep playing. Without following these rules we can no longer play sports and we would be left with nothing to do so it’s important to just follow these rules.