Change For Yourself

Change For Yourself

Jordan Pomroy, Staff Writer

Change for yourself, that’s something that you should be doing. Do you ever feel that you are doing something for someone else, or that something isn’t right? People all around the world are making change, so should you.  

People as young as middle schoolers are making change for themselves. There is a student who attends Centennial Junior High and they decided they wanted to make a change for themself. This student decided that they wanted to change their school schedule, but their mom wouldn’t let them.So instead of fighting back they decided to resort into something better. The middle schooler started a petition to allow them to drop out of the class. They got over 150 signatures on this petition. Most of the signatures were eighth graders but they were also able to get seventh graders and teachers to sign it. The bright kid  was able to get out of this class for next semester. This is a great example to prove that anyone can make a change for themself. 

There are also big changes going on right now. There are things happening like the BLM movements. The BLM movement is happening because people believe that there’s racism in our country right now. This movement started because George Floyd, a colored man, was killed by a white police officer. The officer knelt on Geroges neck. George repeatedly said ¨I can’t breathe.¨ The police officer did not move after repeatedly hearing George say this. George suffocated to death. This ignited the BLM movements because people believe that George was killed because of his skin color. The BLM movement started with protesting and later after that turned into rioting. People were stealing from stores, and overall getting out of hand. The police reacted in tear gas, pellet guns, and pepper spray. The BLM movement is not as big, people aren’t protesting and rioting as much as before. This helps prove that there are people pushing for big changes in our country right now like the BLM movements. 

The BLM movement also triggered justice for George Floyd. People were making petitions to have the police officer who killed George to be sentenced to prison for life. The BLM movement is also extending to smaller movements. One of these movements is justice for Breanna Taylor. Beanna Taylor was in an on and off relationship with Kenneth Walker. On March 13 while searching for drugs and money as a part of an operation quickly went awry when Kenneth fired a shot. Kenneth said he thought someone was breaking into the home. In response the police shot more than 30 rounds killing Breanna. Ever since Breanna died people started the Justice for Breanna movement. Saying that the killers should be sentenced to life in prison. This movement started off very small on social media platforms but over time got much larger. This movement was recently streamed on the abc news.

Those are just some examples of changes people are trying to make. The BLM movement is trying to end racism in our country. The justice for George Floyd was trying to get the officer who killed George in prison for life. The justice for Breanna Taylor was trying to get the police officers who killed her in prison. Lastly but not least the middle schooler was trying to get a schedule change. From movements big to small, they are trying to make change either for themselves or others.

Now that you know some examples of people making change it is time that you try for yourself. Think of something that you don’t like doing or something that you don’t agree with. Now think of a way that you could change this. If it is something like not liking the amount of homework in a class you could discuss this with the teacher. If it is something bigger you could do something like a petition or go to the bigger authorities. 

Before you do this there are a few things you need to think about. Why don’t you agree with this issue? What are some ways that you can change what you are not agreeing with? Should this be a change for only you or should you push to change this for your peers as well? What do your peers think about this idea? How will this change affect you? Will this change affect you positively or negatively? After you have the answers to all of these questions and anything else you can think of, then you should be ready to present the idea. When you present the idea make sure that you are true to what you believe in and why you are wanting to make this change. If this is something that you truly believe in then don’t back down. As soon as you back down you are giving up on this idea. You need to make sure that you stay true and strong in what you believe in.

Now that you know some things other people have done to make a change for both themselves and others itś time you make a change. This doesn’t mean that every change you make has to be big, it can also be small. Making change for yourself is very important. By making change you are both fixing your lifestyle and possibly others around you. It’s important to make changes so you can be happy with you and your lifestyle.