Should college athletes be paid? 

Brax Thomas, Staff Writer

The NCAA is a billion dollar organization and they are still not letting athletes be paid. Athletes from all over believe that they should be paid. On the other hand many don’t believe that they should be paid based on the fact of scholarship benefits. College athletes receive multiple benefits. They receive free education, free meals, free tutoring and other special benefits. Obviously, college athletes do receive lots of benefits but should they be paid?

Many different opinions have surfaced but Alexis Lamb thinks student athletes should be focused on the fact that they are student athletes. Once they get to the professional level they can be paid she thinks. This may be true but on the other hand some may believe that these athletes work just as hard as professional athletes so should they be paid? 

Druw Robinson says,’’he doesn’t think they should be paid because they are trying to get to the next level.’’ He goes on to say that he would ‘’much rather watch a college basketball game due to the fact that they are working for something.’’ College games are less scoring, therefore this could be because of better defense. Most say that defense is mostly based on effort. This shows that college players might show more effort because they are working for something. On the other hand some might say that NBA games are higher scoring because they play more minutes.

Jack Nicholls, a basketball player, says,’’they should [be paid] because you are not really allowed to have a job or do not have much time for other activities to be paid.’’ Being a college athlete can be demanding and paying them could make up for the time they put in to be a student athlete.

In conclusion, there are two sides to see when seeing if college athletes should be paid. Neither are wrong but we will have to see in the future how the NCAA or sponsor decide to pay or not pay student athletes.