Will You Accept This Rose

Is the most popular reality dating show effective?

Haylie Williams, Staff Writer

The ABC reality TV franchise “The Bachelor”  aired its first episode on March 25, 2002, with bachelor Alex Michel. Today its airing season 16 of “The Bachelorette”  the spin-off of “The Bachelor” with a female lead, this season’s lead is Clare Crawly although it is suspected that Tayshia Adams will take over. There are many shows in the “The Bachelor” franchise other than “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” such as “Bachelor Pad,” “Bachelor in Paradise,” “Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise,” “The Bachelor Winter Games,” and “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart”. There are also many YouTube channels and podcasts about ”The Bachelor” franchise, consisting of, “Roses and Rose”, “Viall Files”, “Reality Steve” and “Bachelor Happy Hour/ The Official Bachelor Podcast.” But the one problem is not knowing if this reality tv show that is supposed to help you find love really works.

The statistics of “The Bachelor” franchise is not great, out of a slides of 61 only 17 were still together. Four of the couples are from “The Bachelor” one is a non-winner, two are runner-ups, one is an actual winner. Four couples are from “The Bachelorette”, and all four of them were winners. Seven of the couple were “Bachelor in Paradise”, five of them stayed together after getting engaged, and two of them didn’t end up together on the show but after rekindled their relationship. One of the couples is from “Bachelor Pad” and this couple didn’t end up together in the show, but rekindled after. Finally the last couple were not on the same season but both were in the franchise, and met after their own seasons.

Analyzing these statistics it can show you many things such as that after all these seasons of the show and couples that get together, that now only a few have still stayed together. These statistics may also show to some people that if you are looking to find love “The Bachelor” franchise might not be the best option. Another thing the statistics show is that “The Bachelor in Paradise” is the most effective out of all the shows in the franchise, even when it is one of the newest installments in the franchise. One reason that the show is more effective than the other shows is that they all have someone they can couple up with instead of 1 lead with 30 contestants. Another thing the stats can show is that the leads don’t always end up with the people they pick as their final. Seven out of the seventeen couples that are together did not end up together at the end of the show. So maybe it’s not even winning either. The statistics show a lot of data that is effective to the answer of the internal question.

Emerson Levin, a classmate, was interviewed on her opinion on if its “The Bachelor” franchise is effective after hearing the statistics, she states “I think the franchise is effective in entertaining people, but not in finding love for the contestants.” This shows that for TV “The Bachelor” is perfect for people because it involves drama, which people love to watch, it’s also on a big TV network ABC which has many successful shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Dancing with Stars”, and “Modern Family”. However sometimes people sign up for the show not to find love, but to earn fame. That is actually a recurring issue on the show, the lead usually struggles with trusting the other contestants and believing that they actually want to find love. Last season the lead Hannah Brown ended up with Jed Wyatt who turned out to be just on the show for his singing career. This helps proves Levin’s comment that its great for drama and earning fame, but not necessarily for love.

So is it effective? My opinion is very effective in entertaining the viewer but not finding love. Some people may argue that it’s a effective, that people do find love on the show. But some evidence to oppose that opinion is that that not many end up together. It could also be producers running the show that cause the problem of not being able to find love. They could be scripting it so the lead can’t efficiently find someone they want to get engaged to. Another problem may be that the inevitable question is are the contestants really trying to find love or just earn fame? We may never know why this “dating show” doesn’t actually have many couples that are produced. But at the end of the day it’s probably not the most effective.