New Years


Dawn Farrer, Staff Writer

As 2020 comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the coming holidays including  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and last, but not least New Years. We celebrate Thanksgiving to commemorate the union between the pilgrims and the Native Americans, we celebrate Christmas to remember the birth of Christ, but why do we celebrate New Years? 

The ancient Babylons are the first to record a celebration for the new year, but they celebrated New Years in March, when they planted crops. The first celebration of New year’s In January was in 45 B.C. When Julius Caesar, created a new Calendar with January, the name deriving from Janus the Roman god of beginnings, being the first month of the year. Janus had two faces which allowed him to look into the past and future. New Years is celebrated to welcome the coming year, while also remembering the past year. 

One of the largest traditions on New Years is to make a New year’s resolution, something that you’ll follow the coming year. The Babylons were also the ones to make New Years resolutions, they would promise their gods that they would pay back any owed debts. The Romans also would make promises of good behavior to their god’s. Today we look at past mistakes and vow to make better choices the next year. 

Even though, the celebration of New Years began thousands of years ago, we still celebrate it today. The celebration of New Years celebrates new beginnings, and the reflection of the previous year. New Years resolutions give us the chance to reflect on our past mistakes and make better decisions in the future.