New Electives At Centennial

New Electives At Centennial

Garrett Burkett, Staff Writer

Centennial Middle School is looking to add new electives for the 2021-2022 school year. The idea is that kids who are proficient on their WY-TOPP tests will receive an extra elective class in place of their extensions class. Centennial is looking for new electives to be taught in the new elective block. 

In a recent poll, the popular vote for new electives went to bringing back PE elective. PE elective was a very popular elective until it was taken away in the 19-20 school year. Physical education builds motor skills and knowledge of physical fitness. Physical education provides kids with confidence to be physically active outside of school. In the poll some answers included that students wanted more opportunities to use the climbing wall. This would be a perfect activity for a PE elective. Students could learn how to safely climb and have practice climbing the wall in the gym. After students had completed the climbing wall in the gym they could potentially be able to go on a field trip and go to a real climbing location. 

Another class that was highly suggested was a financial literacy class. Students are not exposed to the financial aspect of life at a very young age. Financial literacy is a great way to prepare students for their future. In financial literacy students could learn about paying and earning interest. They would learn how to invest, manage, and budget their money. As a school we should stick with financial literacy and not financial illiteracy.

New foreign language classes were also suggested. American Sign Language was going to be added in the 19-20 school year but was turned down when a shortage of teachers arose. Students suggested that either an American Sign Language or French class be offered at Centennial. A new language class would be very beneficial to students at Centennial. According to, foreign language study promotes and enhances mental flexibility and diversification of cognitive abilities. 

Students also answered that they wanted a class that was specifically focused on photography. Photography classes give students a way to express creativity. Photography helps students to think outside the box and as creative as they would like. Learning the form of art we call photography can give students many opportunities in the future. 

Centennial should also offer some kind of Agriculture class. Through AG education students could gain greater knowledge of the AG industry. An AG education class would be the perfect way to prepare students for the working world and life as an adult. For example, CY has an AG class where students in the class are allowed to join CY’s FFA chapter. Students and members of the FFA chapter not only learn about the AG industry but volunteer for community service and submit projects to competitions. Members of the chapter learn about public speaking, leadership, and the business and technology of agriculture.

These are great classes that Centennial Middle School should consider when thinking about adding new electives. All of these electives provide various present and future opportunities for students. These electives would provide students with a way to build knowledge about cool and engaging subjects.