Student Council Change Drive

Samantha Pelton, Staff Writer

Our own Centennial Student Council is holding a change drive to aid the angel network program in our school. Each homeroom will be competing with their grade level so all sixth grade homerooms will be competing against each other and so on. The competition will run from November 11 to the 23rd. The goal is to raise the most money in your homeroom. There will be three winning homerooms, one from each grade level. Each winner will receive a doughnut party for their homeroom and bragging rights. 

The angel network supports the needy population within our school supplying them and their families with clothes, Christmas gifts, food, and other necessities. They also supply the school with extra clothes and P.E clothes so if something happens to yours you aren’t stuck wearing them all day. 

Mrs. Lee, one of our school counselors, and Nurse Hicks run the program organizing all of the business that goes into the organization. Any donations are taken from loose change to dollars, we take anything! Because every donation helps and we appreciate your cooperation. 

Also please be sure to participate in our school’s spirit day. We will have superhero day, you already have the mask now you need a cape! This will be on November 20th. Then we will also be having sports day on November 24. Come to school supporting your favorite sports team whether it be football or basketball make sure to show your colors! Also make sure that you remember the dress code still applies to all of the spirit days. 

Coming up soon is also our homeroom door decorating contest which will take place on the week of December 14-17. Whatever three homerooms that decorates the best holiday door will be awarded doughnuts for their homeroom on December 18. The homerooms will be voted on by the students this year so make sure your door has some originality and creativity. 


Thanks everyone and have a great Thanksgiving!