State Tests

Dylan Johnson, Staff Writer

Do state tests matter or are they just to make you take more tests? I personally think that the tests are just a waste of class time. They rate you on your smartness when really you could be learning other stuff in class to get smarter. Do they even accurately rate you on how well you learned your standards or are they inaccurate. State tests are dumb. 

When the schools take state tests the tests take a very long time to finish and some kids don’t even finish them in class. The tests are very time consuming and they make kids time in core classes shorter. The tests also are very boring and can feel like you are sitting in one spot doing one question for an hour or more. Or the tests can feel the exact opposite where kids feel rushed and like they can’t take their time at all on questions.

The tests are very important to most schools because they tell them where their students are at academically and that is important. I have talked to many kids that say that they are smart but they don’t try on the state tests. Me and my crew believed that because we have taken the tests before and get when people don’t want to take them. 

Schools trust the state tests but many people don’t and I honestly understand that. Last time I took the test I guessed on nearly three quarters of the answers and it said that I got a really good score of advanced. I know people that did the exact same thing. So, are these tests really accurate or are they just trying to shove a really long and boring class filled with clicking either a b c or d. Most people think that the tests are just a jumbo mumbo mess of questions that really are useless, but the school district people are the only opinions that matter and we probably won’t be able to change their minds.