Centennial Rock Wall

Dax Thomas, Staff Writer

Here at Centennial Junior High School we have a rock wall and ropes course that we spend a lot of money on, but almost no time on. We can be doing a lot more with this special equipment that could be very fun and money worthy.

Our rock wall and ropes course in the auxiliary gym has rarely been used in the time I have been at Centennial. During our sixth grade year we did a fundraiser because they had to pay someone to do an inspection on the special equipment. During that sixth grade year we did the rock wall for about a week where we only got to climb for two of those class periods. During my seventh grade year I do not remember at all using the special equipment in the aux gym.

We have all of this wonderful equipment that is barely used so here is my thought on what we should do. In sixth grade we had the option to take a class called hunters education. This class took about a month. The kids who did not take this class stayed in normal P.E. with another teacher. At the end of the month of the class we took a field trip that recapped what we learned. This year or in years to come there should be that same option to either stay in normal P.E. or take a class on the equipment in the Aux gym. This class could also take a month where we stay at the school and learn about the safety of the equipment and how to use it. Then, at the end of the month the group could take a field trip to a certain place that relates to what we learned about, like 5150 rock gym.