Will Coranavirus go away in 2021?

Maximilian Hornbeck, Staff Writer

An interview done with Doctor Bruce Aylward, shows an expert’s opinion on what Covid-19 will be like in the future. 

What will Covid-19 look like 6 months from now?

Dr. Aylward states that he thinks that the world will start to “emerge” and come back to normal since we have already hit this huge wave. The disease will clearly still be there in some parts of the world but he believes it will start to calm down. One of the questions is, “Will flu season have a huge impact on the way this pandemic goes for the future.

Should there be a concern on a second wave across the world?

Yes he believes that there should be a worry, nobody knows how this pandemic will definitively pan out. China is worried and the entire world is and should really be worried. The problem is the amount of precautions that are being taken by some countries and states. Some states in the USA have cases that are plummeting and some that are going down into the single digits. It is all up to the Governors and Mayors.

Finally, will coronavirus ever disappear?

Coming from theAtlantic.com, they believe that Covid-19 will never actually disappear. It is either we find a vaccine that will prevent the spread or so many people will have already been infected that it was just calmed down on it’s own. It would still go around the globe and be somewhat like the flu, it would slowly calm itself down and become less deadly and lethal. They give the example of smallpox, which never had a vaccine developed, is just with us and around the world. We just slowly saw cases of it deplete. They see the same thing happening with Covid-19.