Dress code, should it be changed?

Jordan Pomroy, Staff Writer

In order to attend school you need to follow the rules. One of those rules is dress code. Some of the requirements for dress code is that your shorts should be longer than your fingertips and your stomach can not be showing. But, is the dress code too strict? Should dress code rules be changed?

If you look at the dress code requirements the dress code is the same for girls as it is for boys but, is that true for when you’re on school campus? Giselle Moreno was asked if boys’ dress code rules were the same as girls and she replied with “no.” Korbyn Coots was asked if a boy attended school while breaking dress code will they be dress coded? Korbyn also replied with “no.” Although boy and girl dress codes have the same rules, usually a boy does not get dress coded while breaking the procedure but, a girl usually gets dress coded almost every time they break the procedure.

Although some dress code rules are necessary, are all of them needed?  The purpose of the dress code is to teach students what appropriate attire you need to have for employment and everyday life. It is also used to teach girls how to dress modestly. But, is that how students are taking dress code? 

A seventh grader was interviewed and they were asked if the dress code was teaching students how to dress modestly, they replied, ¨I don’t understand how showing your stomach or your shoulders isn’t being modest. Girls go to the beach all the time showing their stomachs and their shoulders and they aren’t told they aren’t being modest. The dress code has simple rules like I am not allowed to show my bra straps. It makes me absolutely furious.” Ten eighth graders were asked how they took dress code and they all agreed with the same thing. The first student to speak up said, “We believe they have a dress code to teach girls that they need to cover up. But, instead they should be teaching boys to not sexualize girls.” The other nine eighth graders agreed with this statement. 

A teacher was asked about dress code and how they felt about it and they said, “Whether or not students take dress code one way or another the rule is in place to teach students and prepare them for attire for a job.” The teacher was also asked if boys get dress coded less than girls. They replied with, “I do believe in some ways the dress code is unfair, I have left during my planning period and have seen boys without shirts on during gym and the teacher did nothing. If a girl did this they would have been sent to the office immediately.” 

Other eighth graders were asked for examples of when they have seen a boy break dress code and were not addressed about it. Multiple eighth graders said, “usually during gym boys are constantly breaking dress code. While running their pants are all the way down to their ankles, and their shirt is fully off. Boys are constantly pulling up their shorts extremely high and the teachers say absolutely nothing.¨ Is the dress code really fair?

A few teachers discussed the topic and they came to the conclusion that school dress code is necessary but it should not be as strict. Although another teacher who asked to be anonymous had a totally different take on school dress code than other teachers. They said, “I believe that school dress code is teaching girls that they need to cover up. But instead they need to be teaching males not to sexualize girls. Males are going to have to deal with women wearing what they want, if it is a problem for them then they need to learn how to control themselves.”

What is your take on dress code? Is the dress code really to teach students how to dress for a job? Do students need to be explained why we have a dress code? Do teachers need better training on dress code?