Are video games a positive or negative impact on society?

Korbyn Coots, Staff Writer

Are video games a positive or negative impact on society?  If you think they’re bad then you’re wrong.  Here’s why…  First, they teach processing skills.  Also, video games can increase problem solving skills.  Therefore, Video games have a positive impact

First, video games are good because they help people process.  In more depth, you could be playing a game and you get shot at, this triggers your brain to send signals to your body to react to this.  According to the website, “Being able to process information rapidly is critical in many situations. Motorists, for example, are presented with a lot of information (some of it constantly changing) and asked to make rapid and accurate decisions that can have dramatic implications. In decision making, however, speed is typically sacrificed for accuracy or vice versa. To put it simply, fast decisions often lead to mistakes.”  Therefore, video games help one’s processing skills.

Second, if you play video games it will probably help you with your problem solving skills.  Moreover, if you are playing a game and you get into a sticky situation, and you don’t think there is going to be a good outcome, you have to problem solve.  According to the website, “Consider some advice from Jane McGonigal (designer of alternate reality games, Ph.D. in performance studies): she suggests that if you want to have fun and stimulate your mind, playing about three times a week for just 20 minutes each time should do it.”  Therefore, video games may help your problem solving skills, in your everyday life, not just in games.

Considering this information, video games have a good impact on people.  They help problem solving skills.  Also, they even help your processing skills.  Therefore, these video games that many parents ban in their homes are actually very impactful.