Student Council Representatives

Dawn Farrer, Staff Writer

With all the changes that 2020 has brought, the school has decided to improve some of the issues at our school. In previous years Student Council hadn’t been particularly involved with issues in the school, instead they had focused on organizing dances, events, and doing volunteer work. All students within the student council made the decisions using a voting system. This year we have decided to implement different roles within the student council, such as representatives. There was a vote held at the meeting on November 4. Because eighth grade is the largest group with the most experience within the Student Council, five representatives were chosen, including Samantha Pelton, Emerson Levin, Jordan Pomroy, Valerie Martinez, and Ashton Taylor. There were three representatives chosen for seventh grade, Nathalie Martinez, Trevor Wellborn, and Emillia (Nicole) Wardell. Two representatives were chosen for sixth grade Betsy Warner and Olyvia Roscoe. 

Samantha Pelton says that as an eighth grade representative her responsibility is to be an active leader within student council. Valerie Martinez says that the role of a representative is to voice the opinions of the student body. The representatives will be attending budget meetings, and interviews for possible new staff members. They will help to inform parents of activities that the student council organizes and participates in. They will also be holding fundraisers for needs within the school, such as the recent angel network fundraiser. Valarie said that she would also like to widen the student council’s reach by helping not only the people in our school, but other organizations in Wyoming that help people such as the homeless, and the sick. She also hopes to do more international things, “helping the people that need it”. When asked if Student Council will still be involved in volunteer work that they did in the past, both said that, “yes, Student council would continue to be involved in it.” Samantha said “We almost weren’t able to, because there was a misunderstanding between us and the office. However, we were able to find a middle ground with them, We just have to make sure that we are also invested in our school’s community.” Valarie says “When we volunteer, we don’t spend any money, we just volunteer our time.”  With representatives it might seem like only their voices are going to be heard and that it might take away some of the opportunities that the rest of Student Council was once involved in, but Samantha said that it’s the exact opposite. She stated “Before Representatives, students weren’t involved in the decision making whatsoever. The representatives are just a way to help the students have a voice. We represent the ideas of the Student body.” 

Mrs. Pomroy said that Mr.Donner was looking for a way for the students to have an input and a voice in the decision making. When asked if student council would still be involved in the volunteer work, Emerson Levine “The only thing that would stop us from doing volunteer work would be because of Covid-19.” Mrs. Pomroy said “At least 50% of what we do is volunteer work, so it’s definitely still a big focus.” Emerson said that no other student council members will be limited in the decisions they were able to make before, she said that the representatives will be doing other things that student council hadn’t done ever before. Mrs. Pomroy said “Representatives won’t necessarily make StuCo more productive, but it will just broaden our focus and impact. We will be able to work with administration to solve issues within our school, Representatives will also be attending budget meetings, and interviews for possible new employees.” She said that she is worried that other council members might feel like they are less important, or that they are recognized less, because of representatives. 

The new Student Council Representatives will be helping to make important decisions like attending budget meetings, attending staff interviews, and holding fundraisers. They will be voicing and representing the student body.