How Are You Handling Covid, and how are people and places affected?

My Covid-19 experience has been very interesting. I have personally had coronavirus and it was not terrible, but for other people that is much different. The world has had 73.6 million COVID cases and 1.64 million deaths. Of those, 16.8 million cases have been in the US with 304k deaths.

This virus has been a mystery, some people do not have symptoms whatsoever (asymptomatic), and then there are people that have terrible symptoms and have to be hospitalized. In many places in the US, there have been mask mandates made by the governors of states. People have their different opinions on these mandates to the extent that they refuse to wear them. Big companies like Walmart and Target have made masks a requirement across the nation, and still there are people that refuse to wear them.

But since the start of this pandemic, the popularity of curbside/contactless pickup has risen. These retailers have added a way to get your things with ease and without worry of getting the virus. You pull up to the designated spot and call in, then there will be a worker wearing gloves and masks to bring out your things for you.

Aside from the big retailers, the small businesses have been taking huge hits. A good percentage of them have had to shut down or put a halt on their work. Others have been losing significant amounts of money due to the lack of income.

Covid has been really hitting people hard and there is not much you can really do about it. Lets hope that this pandemic ends soon so things can go back to the way they were just not to long ago.