Rating a Great NFL Offense

(And maybe defense)

Dylan Johnson, Staff Writer

Today we will be discussing the Packers offense and how they have been getting such good results this year. First off we need to discuss the QB Aaron Rodgers is one of the best and top rated Quarterbacks in the NFL. The QB isn’t the only good thing on the Packers, the receiver core is insanely good with Davante Adams leading the pack. The other two players on the Packers I will be writing about are Robert Tonyan the starting Tight end and Za’darius Smith the outside linebacker.

Aaron Rodgers in 2020 is playing like an MVP candidate. He kept a passer rating of over a 100 for 10 years of his career. He is also fifth on the year for passing yards with 3100 yards. He also leads the league in touchdown passes this year with 33. Those three stats are very important for two reasons, if you lead the league in TD’s you will probably be a very good offense for the sole reason that you can score. The other reason that those specific stats are important are because it shows the numbers he can put up in a single year that isn’t even finished yet.

Now let’s talk about Davante Adams. This receiver is an absolute beast, he is tied for second in touchdown receptions for 2020 with 11. The other super important stat that this guy can put up are the receptions he has gotten on the year. Adams has 74 receptions on the year so far and to be honest there aren’t a lot of people ahead of him in that stat. The only people in the league with more receptions than Davante Adams are Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, DeAndre Hopkins, and Robby Anderson. Those people are top class athletes and just great receivers in general.

Robert Tonyan is a whole other story. Robert Tonyan just dramatically appeared in a game. The game was in week four against the Falcons on Monday Night Football Robert Tonyan got three touchdowns that game and introduced himself to the NFL in a big way. There are a lot of people that love the way this guy plays and most of the reasons are because he has a nose for the end zone. With 7 touchdowns on the year he is by far one of the best Tight Ends in football. Scoring isn’t the only thing he is good at. The job he does when he is required to block is amazing, he helps produce some big runs. He also is a Yaczilla and his YAC (yards after catch) show it they are pretty decent instead of trying to run around and avoid contact he hits people as hard as he can so he breaks tackles like a weirdo breaks tooth picks.

The last person that I will write about is Za’darius Smith and I think that in the title I put “a great offense” but this guy deserves some credit. With nine sacks on the year so far that is so close to the league leader Aaron Donald who only has one more than Za’darius at ten sacks on the year. Za’darius also has three forced fumbles on the year. This guy is a very good pass rusher. He also has 24 tackles which I know doesn’t look like much when the league leader has 110 but Za’darius is a defensive lineman that’s job is to force the run inside and get to quarterback for a sack.

From a MVP candidate quarterback to a defensive lineman this team is just all around great. If you needed me to prove to you that the team is great, I Just did. If you didn’t need me to tell you all that information you could have stopped reading anytime, but you chose to keep reading anyways. Those stats were provided by NextGen Stats powered by Amazon and NFL.com.